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Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are still considered one of the most practical window coverings of all. The ability to slide the vertical vanes fully back to one side will leave the view through your window completely clear.


A simple control to tilt the angle of your louvres can create dappled light or complete privacy at the turn of a wand.


Our Vertical blinds are market leading in both quality and build. Using only the finest systems and manufacturing equipment allows us to produce at an unparalleled standard.


Enclosed, welded weights are one of the many features, at no additional cost, that separate us from the competition. For ease of use, especially for wide windows, they are a very versatile and practical blind solution.


An extremely wide range of fabrics from all of the UK’s leading suppliers are available giving you options for colour, style, texture or Fire Retardant blinds.



Certain ranges can be motorised on the Vogue tilt-only or Benthin hardware system for tilt and turn as well as fully retracting blinds at the touch of a button.


The Cruze range has enhanced the visual aspects of the vertical blind and engineering advancements have evolved the purpose of the traveller, increasing the management of light control.

The Cruze headrail is available in Gloss White, Textured White and Anthracite along with matching components. 

Measure. Design. Install. Enjoy.

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