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Vision Blinds

Great dual purpose blinds, light and daytime privacy and then a slight adjustment gives you total privacy and shuts out the night.

Full control over light and privacy.

As the summers get hotter, the need for shade will be ever more pressing.


Versatile and a modern looking blind

The different layers of fabric provide a really modern finish that are suitable for all the rooms in your home. 

Full control over light and privacy

We sometimes forget the benefits of good shading, especially with increasingly long hot summers.. Throughout the spring and summer months you may find your self either being blinded or closing off the outside world, blocking out light with existing window coverings such as roller blinds or roman blinds. Vision Blinds are a truly flexible option, with precise adjustments that control the light..


Day or Night!


One blind that does 2 jobs

Daytime sunlight and privacy that a voile blind gives and with a short movement of the blind you get total privacy.

The roller system is encased in a cassette to keep everything neat and tidy, operated by a chain or motorised. Controlled with a remote or an App, adding to your security and peace of mind, while you're not at home.


Measure. Design. Install. Enjoy.

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